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Nick Garver aka Internetboy, got his start in the music industry when moving to Cincinnati in 2015. It was here he met up-and-coming artists like Jasiah, Suicide Rascal, Grandace, and Leo Pastel, at local underground shows. For a short time this group of artists went by Apollo 18, and caught the attention of media outlets like No Jumper, Lyrical Lemonade, and Hivemind TV. Music Videos like “Know My Vision” and “HAHAHA” spread across the internet gaining thousands of views, and led to IBOY’s collaboration with Hivemind TV. It was here that he was in vlogs and interviews, and produced the popular song "Door Stop" featuring Lil Darkie.

This creative surge led to a tour with the group SPIDER GANG, hosted by Hivemind. Following this Internetboy made the infectious Indi-pop song “Mars Man” with FL.VCO, which was shared by Tommy Craze and blew up overnight. This led to a string of hits including, “Shonen and Ramen” with Origami Beats and “Hair Pin” with Billy Marchiafava. Grammy winning producer DJ Corbett also stumbled on IBOY’s early work, and together they worked on songs for Cal Scruby, and The Melody App. IBOY was later discovered by artist tobi lou, and produced Hot Tub Dream Machine which amassed over 20 million streams. This led to the work of Tobi’s latest album, Non-Perishable; on which Internetboy co-produced 7 of 11 songs on the track list.

Currently Internetboy is a resident at Assemble Sound in Detroit, and is working on his debut LP, “Glamour World”.